Airport Handling: Handling of goods at the airport, or nearby the airport, on behalf of customers. The physical inspection and verification of the condition and number of cartons received. The act of checking cargo on the floor of the warehouse reduces the damages & looses of customers. We do it before ship-out the goods from origin port.

Direct Airfreight: The shipping by air of single big consignments without combining the goods with other cargo for the same destination. Our good relationship with local air operators make us confident to serve our customers better if needed the direct airfreight service.

Consolidated Airfreight: The consolidation of cargo from multiple vendors/shippers into one consignment is possible by us to reduce the cost of air shipping.

Air/Sea Program:

The combination of airfreight and sea freight replacing surface feedring into a consolidation point – e.g. the use of airfreight typically of smaller quantities to be included in full container consolidations. We use Singapore & Dubai as our hub for air/sea trans-shipment.

  • 7 flights/week to Singapore.
  • Ocean leg on premium carrier.
  • Daily departure from Singapore.
  • Transit Time : 1-2 days to trans-shipment port Plus steaming time to destination.

Benefits of AIR/SEA Program:

  • Ready solution to missing a Feeder Departure.
  • Faster Transit Time to an all Water mode.
  • Timely delivery even though production may have fallen behind schedule.

Sea/Air Program:

The combination of sea freight and airfreight replacing surface feedering from the regional main port to final destination. We use Singapore & Dubai as our hub for air/sea trans-shipment.

Via Singapore to Europe and North America transit time 7-8 days (CTG-SIN 5 Days plus 2-3 days SIN to Destination). Via Dubai to Europe and North America transit time 13-15 days (CTG-DXB 12-13 Days plus 1-2 days DXB to Destination).

Benefits of Sea/Air Program:

  • Ready solution to backlog situation of Dhaka Airport.
  • One company convenience, and one party responsibility.
  • Customer driven trained people track shipment all the way.
  • Availability of Air cargo space in Singapore/Dubai.
  • Same day pick-up , and transfer to port of Singapore/Dubai.

Import - Airfreight:

We are familiar with the import rules and regulations of foreign countries, methods of shipping. We can arrange airfreight import from anywhere in the world using our network of agents to arrange contact with your suppliers. We handle Airfreight imports from foreign counties to Bangladesh